Long Term Care

Why Long Term Care Insurance?

At some point in our lives Long Term Care services may become necessary due to disability, a prolonged illness, or cognitive disorder. Unlike the Long Term Care Insurance plans of the past which were often limited in scope and coverage for care options, today’s variety of Comprehensive Long Term Care Insurance plans are designed to offer you many coverage choices and can assist you in remaining independent and in your home.  AmeriLife Benefits has worked with over a dozen insurance carriers to bring you best in class offerings designed for your specific coverage and premium needs; offering you the opportunity to receive quality care in your home, an Assisted Living setting, or a Nursing Home, and will help protect your lifetime savings for the things you really want to do.

Ask yourself if Long Term Care Insurance fits into your retirement plan and whether it can assist you to secure YOUR future?  The risk of needing care at some point in your life is great, and the facts don’t lie:

FACT: The actual risk of needing long term care, either at home or in a facility is greater than 50%. ( Long Term Care,Your Financial Planning Guide, Phyllis Shelton, 2001, p.5)

FACT: Estimates are that approximately seven million Americans age 65 or older will need some form of long term care, with the number nearly doubling by 2020. (Health Insurance Association of America Consumer Information. Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance, 1/2002)

FACT: At this time the average annual cost of comprehensive home health care is about $38,000 & an average annual nursing home stay is more than $50,000. (Long Term Care: A Family Crisis, Crawford, 1/2002 & Gotcha Covered, Bloomberg Financial Service, Sanford, 6/2001)

FACT: 2 out of 3 single adults and 1 out of 3 couples become impoverished after only 13 weeks in a nursing home! (Statistics from HIAA, 2000 and WebMD Feature Archives, 4/2002

FACT: Medicare pays just 18 cents out of every dollar in nursing home expenses! (Statistics from HIAA, 2000 and WebMD Feature Archives, 4/2002)

FACT: Long Term Care Insurance can preserve your options, protect your future and help stretch your retirement savings! (Statistics from HIAA, 2000 and WebMD Feature Archives, 4/2002)

We understand that not all Long Term Care policies are created equally and depending on your particular situation, choosing a policy that best meets your needs both today and tomorrow can be difficult!  AmeriLife Benefits has created some unique group policy offerings for it’s client groups as well as access to numerous individual carrier plans that can help provide you with:

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  • A thorough understanding on what Long Term Care is and isn’t 
  • Your various options in protecting yourself from this expensive threat
  • Insurance Carrier plan options and coverage quotes specific to your needs


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