About Us

Back in 2018, under AmeriLife’s watchful eye, we integrated JM Marketing into our expanded BenefitsDirect group, aiming to enhance our services and provide seamless navigation. Even though the JM Marketing name may not be in the spotlight, remember it’s still here, operating as a wholly owned licensed insurance agency.

Fast forward to this year, we took strides to unify our appearance to reflect AmeriLife’s ethos. That led to the birth of “AmeriLife Benefits”, a customer-centric brand built on the promise of quality. AmeriLife Benefits goes beyond just providing insurance and retirement plans; it’s about instilling a sense of security, promoting health, and enhancing longevity in people’s lives.

As we stand on the brink of launching our redesigned AmeriLife Benefits website, our proficient team stands ready to cater to your insurance needs. We’re delighted that you’re part of AmeriLife Benefits, a company deeply invested in its customers. Our aim isn’t just to provide insurance and retirement plans, but to simplify life itself.

In our pursuit to make interactions effortless, we’ve updated our email addresses and refined our customer communication. We’re eager for you to experience our new AmeriLife Benefits website soon. Remember, we’re here for you, whether it’s to answer insurance queries, assist with policy matters, or guide you through a claim process.

Welcome to AmeriLife Benefits, where care meets excellence!