dental2Without dental insurance, the cost of care can get very expensive. Common procedures, such as root canals, bridges and crowns, can cost more than $900 each! The FSA Employee Association Group Dental Insurance Plan, underwritten by Liberty Dental, helps ease the financial burden of dental expenses. The only requirement to participate in this group dental insurance plan is membership or associate membership.

 Why do our members prefer our Dental plan vs. other Federal plan options?

1.  No Network Restrictions or Penalties for using an an out of network provider!  Our customers often live in rural areas where dentists are not forced into networks in order to provide their services at a discounted rate.  Our dental plan pays the same co-insurance benefit percentage whether your dentist is in or out of network, whereas many of the federal plan options penalize employees if they do not use a in-network dentist.

2.  Our plans are often lower in cost!  Many federal plan options have premiums that are often tiered by your location in the country.  For many of our customers, this means our plan rates are lower than the federal plan offerings.

3.  Convenience of payroll deduction for premium payment!  With our FSA County Office Employee payroll slot, members have the luxury of making payments for all their benefits they participate in.

4.  You can take the coverage with you when you retire or leave the agency!  Our dental plans are fully portable and allow you to take the coverage with you through a bank draft payment.

Liberty Dental is proud to bring you the following two dental plan options:

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Click on any of the links above in order to learn more about the Dental benefits that are available to you.  

To enroll in coverage, click HERE for the Dental Enrollment Form!

You can find a contracted “In-Network” Provider at: 

(Just Click on ‘Find a Dentist’, then select ‘DentalGuard Preferred Select’ as your Benefit Plan/Network name for even greater savings on your dental plan!)