The Company offers multiple medical coverage options.

The difference in each plan is the out-of-pocket cost to you and the premium you pay. On each plan, you have the option to choose between four levels of coverage: Employee Only, Employee & Spouse, Employee & Child (ren), or Employee & Family.


Q: When can I add/drop dependents to/from my insurance?

A: You can add/drop dependents from your insurance if you have a qualifying event. A qualifying event is marriage, divorce, death, birth or adoption of a child, or change in spouse’s job (e.g. if a spouse had medical insurance coverage with their employer and then accepted another position with an employer that did not offer insurance, the spouse could be added to The Company employees insurance).

You will need to complete a Health Insurance Change Form within 30 days of the qualifying event (birth/adoption of a child has a 60-day change period). Directions for form: In addition to the general information at the top of the form, you will need to complete Section A and Section B. If a change is due to the spouse’s job, attach a letter from the spouse’s employer indicating when the coverage will end/begin. In the case of divorce, a copy of the divorce decree will need to be provided. In the cases of marriage, a copy of the marriage license will need to be provided.

Q: When can I change plans?

A: Open enrollment is the time to make unrestricted changes to health insurance. However, during the plan year (January 1 – December 31st) you may add or remove a dependent to/from your policy, but you must stay on the same plan. For example: If you are on the High Deductible plan and you want to add your spouse or child during the year you have to add them to your existing plan, which would be the High Deductible plan.

Q: When does my deductible and out-of-pocket limit start over for my health insurance plan?

A: The plan year for the health insurance is January 1 through December 31.  Consequently, your deductible and out-of-pocket limit will reset to zero ($0) on each January 1st.

Q: We have just added a baby to our family. How do I add him/her to my health insurance plan?

A: You have 60 days to add the baby to your plan. You will need to complete a Health Insurance Change Form. When you receive the baby’s birth certificate and social security number please provide copies to HR which will submit it to BCBS.  Any expenses will be covered retroactively back to the birth of the baby.

Q: Does my health insurance cover me when I am traveling overseas?

A: As a Health Insurance member, you take your healthcare benefits with you when you are abroad. Through the Health Insurance program, you have access to doctors and hospitals around the world.

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