Permanent Life / LTC


1. Financial Security After a loss

Protecting your loved ones is one of life’s greatest responsibilities. When a family loses someone, in
addition to grief, survivors may suddenly be faced with costly expenses and debts, and even a loss of income. Universal LifeEvents can help.

Universal LifeEvents provides a higher death benefit when your needs and responsibilities are the greatest. (See flyer below for more on how Universal Life Events works) You can choose a plan and benefit amount that provides the right protection for you.

Universal LifeEvents insurance can mean those left behind are still able to pursue their own dreams, and help ensure that the ending of one story won’t stop the beginning of another.

2. Long Term Care

At any point in your life you may need to long-term care services which could cost hundreds of dollars per day.

Universal LifeEvents includes a long-term care (LTC) benefit that can help pay for these services at any age. This benefit remains at the same level throughout your life, so the full amount is always available when you most need it. (See flyer below for more details on how it works)