Benefit Consultation

We are very experienced in developing and implementing customized ancillary-benefit products and services with the intention of ensuring that our clients get “best of class.”  In other words, many brokers, particularly those with a focus on traditional core product offerings, settle too quickly in using “shelf” ancillary-benefit products, developed for nationwide mass-marketing in all types of groups across geographical lines.  Our service infrastructure permits us to deliver ancillary benefits underwritten by multiple carriers on a single platform. This factor is important because no one carrier is “best of class” across all product categories. To achieve “best of class,” we must work with and deliver to a client multiple carriers. We are able to do so without further encumbering the work lives of employer representatives with more monthly bills and reconciliations. We are able to consolidate billings and reconciliation efforts so that the client receives one periodic bill for all ancillary benefits offered by us.

While we use “shelf” products in many cases where they have presented the best option for our customers, we also have the unique ability, through our experience and relationships, to develop proprietary product offerings unique to our clientele. This type of control permits us to provide our clients with unique products and to manage against adverse loss-ratio effects that may arise from mass marketing.

Voluntary Benefit Platform Highlights

  • Provides financial protection coverage for employees in their time of need.
  • Offsets employees’ out-of-pocket expenses related to higher deductible plans.
  • Provides value in the eyes of employees through convenience of payroll deduction and specialized underwriting through the sponsored group.
  • Improves employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Helps employers establish a multiple-year strategy to manage group benefits costs.
  • Provides employers with comprehensive enrollment options: employee self-serve, call center, and agent-assisted options