UMass Memorial Hospital Critical Illness Plan

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    Guarantee Issue - NO HEALTH QUESTIONS

    The new Critical Illness plan is available to employees on a Guarantee Issue basis for both employee and spouse coverage.  This means that there are no health questions that you have to answer, no medical underwriting and no physical exams required in order to obtain the coverage!
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    Annual Screening Benefit

    There is a $50 annual wellness benefit that is available for policy holders.  The benefit is payable upon completion of procedures such as colonoscopies, mammograms, Pap smear and more.
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    Lump sum benefit payments

    The Critical Illness policy offers a lump sum benefit payment that is PAID DIRECTLY TO YOU in the event that you are diagnosed with a covered illness.  You can use these payments to pay your mortgage, your car payment or other living expenses, as you see fit.
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    Coverage for you, your spouse and your children

    You can enroll for up to $30,000 in individual coverage and for up to $15,000 in spousal coverage under the Guarantee Issue policy that is available exclusively through UMass Memorial Hospital.

Critical Illness Rates Check out the rates for the new Critical Illness program!


Schedule an appointment with a Benefits Counselor in order to discuss how the new Critical Illness plan will help protect you and your family’s financial health.

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You can complete your enrollment online through our secure website, or you can complete and sign a paper enrollment form and submit this via fax.

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Contact us with questions regarding how the Critical Illness plan can help fill out your financial portfolio.  Call us at 1.877.523.0176 or email us at info@benefits-direct.com

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Coverage Amounts

Employee Coverage

Up to $30,000

Spouse Coverage

Up to $15,000
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