Retirement Planning Vs. Financial Planning

Where does one stop and the other start?  Financial planners for many years have lumped the two together. Changes in the tax code in 2002 and again in 2006 have made looking at qualified retirement plans (CSRS and FERS Retirement annuities and the TSP, 401(k) and IRAs) much different.

The tax code changes legislated by Congress in 2002 and 2006 brought mixed blessings to the working individual. Many new opportunities such as the TSP Roth provision and the “Stretch” IRA provisions, as well as higher contribution levels permit more dollars to go into these qualified plans.  Many new tax rules and penalties were added to the distribution rules of these qualified retirement plans. In essence, a retirement distribution “minefield” has been created.  Where are those retirement landmines and how can I avoid them?

Financial planning today requires an in-depth look at how to integrate and assess the risk associated with these two distinct asset classes (qualified and non-qualified monies).  Our Retirement Planning Division not only provides professional expertise on the Federal Benefits Systems, but has the experience and knowledge in helping thousands of our clients plan for and execute on a safe retirement with our focus in helping clients:

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  • Provide safety of their TSP and retirement assets from traditional market volatility
  • Help prevent the all to real outcome of a client potentially outliving their retirement assets
  • Provide safety from inflationary stress on their retirement assets
  • Offer better flexibility in accessing TSP and retirement assets to meet potential future needs when life happens
  • Provide a higher, guaranteed for life, income stream through efficient and low cost asset distribution alternatives
  • Create a lasting legacy of TSP and retirement assets passed on to children, and potentially grandchildren, in the most tax efficient means


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