Our Federal Retirement Planning Process

 Step 1: Educational Meeting on Federal Employee Retirement System

Our mission in helping plan for retirement is rooted in providing sound and accurate education and information on the Federal Benefits Systems.  Smart and informed decisions can only occur when an individual fully understands their entire situation and the options that are available to them.

This first step meeting can be done one on one with the individual or can be done in a group setting – whichever best accommodate our clients needs.  In group meeting situations, it is usually held after hours (around 4:30 or 5 pm) or during a lunch hour for a modified federal benefit training. (i.e. ONLY FERS or CSRS training or a particular section of the Federal Retirement system is covered specifically in the shortened time frame.)  With modern technology, we can provide this specific training not only in peson, but through webinar technology online.  We will provide you with a great deal of information about all federal benefits (including annuities, FEGLI, TSP, and how they work both pre and post retirement).  It does not matter if you are part of the CSRS, CSRS offset, CSRS frozen, or FERS / FERS Transfer – we understand all of these situations and can help you understand your place in the federal benefits system!

 Step 2: Individual Personal Fact Finder Meeting

In this meeting, we will gather all of your information to put together your personal Federal Benefits Analysis and financial profile with income chart.  We will also discuss your retirement or personal goals, which will allow us to determine how much money you will need to reach those goals and take into consideration some of the pitfalls or mistakes to avoid through your Federal Career and also during retirement.

Step 3: In Home, Office, or Webinar Meeting to Review Your Custom Analysis

We will personally review together your personal Federal Benefits Analysis to ensure you understand both your Federal Benefits and our findings to make corrections and help put any recommendations into action if any are needed at the present time.

Step 4: Retirement Plan Maintenance Meetings

Continual updating of your personal profile and review of your personal retirement goals will help make sure you continue on track with your goals towards a safe and enjoyable retirement.  Ongoing meetings will take place at your discretion but are usually done with increasing frequency as you get closer to your separation from service date.

Planning for retirement is a huge undertaking and can seem almost overwhelming, but it is extremely important that you take the time to make proper plans so that you can retire comfortably.  Our process is designed to help take away the guess work and anxiety so that you and your loved ones can have the safe retirement you’ve earned.  Contact us today to learn more about our Federal Retirement Planning Services and how we can help you arrive safe and on time!