Federal Employee Retirement Planning

Whether you are a FERS, CSRS, FERS Transfer, or Offset, our knowledge of the Federal Benefits System is unsurpassed.  Our team of professionals understands the Federal benefits system.  As an independent insurance agency, our recommendations are unbiased and our planning services are free to all association members.

We at AmeriLife Benefits recognize that each employee’s situation is as unique as the individuals are themselves. That’s why we take the time to properly evaluate your situation, educate you on your Federal benefits, and then determine which plan will best meet your individual objectives and financial goals.

When you are investing in your future, you deserve, and should expect, sound financial advice – advice that takes into consideration your current financial standing, while looking ahead toward your goal of financial security for the next step after the FSA. Whether your goal is funding a college education for your children, dreams of a carefree retirement, or protecting your family against difficult circumstances, our team of federal retirement professionals will work with you, side by side, in order to provide you with the financial road map that best fits your personalized objectives.

Our Federal Retirement Division’s Mission. . .

To continually strive to provide our customers with the highest level of excellence in service, knowledge, and integrity, while assisting them in achieving their individual retirement objectives.

What Makes Us Unique?

AmeriLife Benefits, having worked directly with thousands of clients over the last 25 years, realizes the commitment required to stay in tune with the constant flow of new information in the ever-changing world of federal benefits – as well as tax laws and finances.  We realize that no one person can effectively address the many integrated strategies that are involved in making your wealth management plan a success. This is why AmeriLife Benefits takes the well-rounded team approach to assist you in achieving your goal of financial freedom and protection in the next chapter in your life.

At AmeriLife Benefits, your personal representative is complemented by a team of professionals that have a strong understanding of not only the Federal Benefit system, but complimenting areas of expertise.   Thereby able to address the individualized requirements needed to guide you on your road to successful planning and protection against the things that can and will happen in life.

By working as a team, we closely monitor changes in your needs, concerns, and objectives as they change throughout the years. Our planning process requires interaction and communication between team members, each having the same objective: to keep you and your individual financial goals our top priority.