Life Insurance

What’s most important to you?

We all rely on life insurance to make sure that the hopes and dreams of our loved ones are protected. Unfortunately, nearly 30% of U.S. households have no life insurance and a far greater number do not have sufficient coverage for their needs, according to a recent study by LIMRA.

Life insurance historically can provide a variety of benefits:

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  • Replace the lost income to your loved ones
  • Cover debt that continues after your passing such as a mortgage payment
  • Cover dependent children’s care and college tuition
  • Accumulate cash value to use during your lifetime to supplement savings and possibly retirement
  • Provide a tax-favored inheritance to your heirs, charity or other organization
  • Pay for estate taxes to alleviate the burden to your heirs


Over the last several years, Life Insurance has evolved to also provide “living benefits” to policy holders, allowing the insured to use some or all of the face amount for things such as:

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  • A terminal illness, with death expected within a specified period
  • Help in paying for a critical or chronic illness that occur during your lifetime
  • Long Term Care Insurance needs, whether in a home or facility, that may arise later in life


AmeriLife Benefits, as an independent broker and insurance marketing organization, has numerous life insurance options that can help provide you with a customized plan that best meets your specific needs.  Using both Group Life Insurance and Individual Life Insurance options, AmeriLife Benefits works with multiple insurance carriers to provide you with the most cost efficient quotes for coverage options by taking into consideration:

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  • Your current life coverage(s) in place and health conditions
  • Your current and future life insurance needs for both term and permanent options
  • Your financial budget to ensure you are getting the most coverage for your dollar spent


Find out more about our Life Insurance options today by contacting us for a no-obligation quote, and learn how you can best protect your family and loved ones without breaking the bank. We often can save you thousands of dollars in alternatives to your FEGLI coverage – Don’t wait for life to happen before you have your life insurance plan set in place!