Identity Theft Protection

SNAPD2.0 Identity Monitoring

At InfoArmor, we believe detection at inception equals prevention. Although we’d love to stop fraud altogether, that isn’t always possible. Fortunately, building an industry-leading identity monitoring service to stop fraud in its tracks is. Our SNAPD2.0 provides actionable, real-time intelligence to consumers, letting them stop threats to their financial well-being.

SNAPD2.0 Identity Monitoring provides your customers, employees and members industrial strength protection from financial and identity fraud. Our ever-evolving fraud network includes everything from new credit applications to fund transfer requests and online bank password changes. Through the union of industry-leading insight and user-friendly alerts, SNAPD2.0 lets you help consumers stop more fraud faster.

DETECTION@INCEPTION℠ is the New Prevention

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  • Did you just reset your bank password?
  • Did you just transfer money from your brokerage account?
  • Did you just access your health insurance online?
  • Did you just activate a new credit card?


Insight Into High Risk Transactions

High risk transaction monitoring is now part of SNAPD2.0. When suspicious transactions are subjected to identity verification by leading banks, online retailers, health insurers, payday loan providers and more, we send alerts in real-time. Whether a fraudster succeeds or not, consumers will now be able to see when a bank password reset request is made, a new card is activated or access to their health insurance portal is attempted.

Protect Your Customers, Employees and Members

SNAPD2.0 protects and engages consumers with unparalleled insight, early detection and actionable alerts. It uncovers security concerns, fraudulent activity and identity theft at its inception so that issues are resolved before major damage occurs.