Critical Illness

Can You Afford To Say: “It Won’t Happen To Me”?

Most of us are not financially prepared for a medical crisis caused by a critical illness within our family. Out of pocket expenses can deplete our savings, home equity and retirement funds. Major medical insurance does not cover many non-medical expenses. Out of pocket costs include:

  • Deductibles and co-payments
  • Doctors and hospital costs exceeding usual and customary charges
  • Travel to out-of-town hospitals for treatment

There may be nothing worse than laying in a hospital bed worrying about getting well and having to worry about finances at the same time…

Don’t take a chance with your financial health!

Benefits provided under this policy will assist in paying for most of the out of pocket expenses that will be incurred in obtaining treatment for a critical illness for you or your family. The funds paid directly to you provide you with the freedom to seek the best treatment available.

Improve your well being

Take advantage of the annual health screening benefit to ensure you are aware of your health risks and theirtreatment options.

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