Benefits Details


Accident Policy Protects You and your loved ones in many ways should you suffer an accident and need medical treatment:
  • Physical Therapy Benefits
  • Accidental Death Benefits
  • Ambulance Benefits
  • Indemnity Benefits
  • Hospital Benefits
  • Intensive Care
  • Confinement Benefits
  • Dismemberment Benefits
  • Family Lodging & Transportation

These Benefits provide you cash when you need it the most to cover things that fall outside of normal health insurance!


The Hidden Cost of Treatment

Over 64 percent of cancer costs are non-medical and may not be covered by major medical insurance. These costs must be paid from some other source. A study of patients with major illnesses showed 96 percent of patients surveyed had hospital insurance, yet one-third lost their savings.

Your major medical insurance covers most of the direct charges such as hospital and physician bills, but not these hidden indirect costs:

  • Loss of wages while caring for a family member.
  • Loss of wages while you receive treatment.
  • Child care for children at home
  • Home health care expenses
  • Transportation for non-local or specialized treatment centers.
  • Experimental treatment.
  • Meals eaten out or fast food for family at home.
  • Hotel accommodations during non-local treatment.
Here’s how it works

You use the money to meet your needs loss of income, house and car payments, transportation for treatment, other bills, etc. These are all expenses of cancer not covered by your major medical insurance.

Plus, you get these unique features:
  • Pays each individual on the policy an Annual Wellness Benefit for receiving a qualifying Cancer screening.
  • Guaranteed Renewable for Life – you can’t lose your coverage as long as you continue to pay your premiums.
  • Pays actual charges – gives you inflation-proof protection for some benefits.
  • No Lifetime Maximum Limits for most benefits.
  • Coverage is portable – employees can keep the coverage if they change jobs.

Critical Illness

Can You Afford To Say: “It Won’t Happen To Me”?

Most of us are not financially prepared for a medical crisis caused by a critical illness within our family. Out of pocket expenses can deplete our savings, home equity and retirement funds. Major medical insurance does not cover many non-medical expenses. Out of pocket costs include:

  • Deductibles and co-payments
  • Doctors and hospital costs exceeding usual and customary charges
  • Travel to out-of-town hospitals for treatment

There may be nothing worse than laying in a hospital bed worrying about getting well and having to worry about finances at the same time

Don’t take a chance with your financial health!

Benefits provided under this policy will assist in paying for most of the out of pocket expenses that will be incurred in obtaining treatment for a critical illness for you or your family. The funds paid directly to you provide you with the freedom to seek the best treatment available.


Without dental insurance, the cost of care can get very expensive. Common procedures, such as root canals, bridges and crowns, can cost more than $900 each! The FSA Employee Association Group Dental Insurance Plan, underwritten by Liberty Dental, helps ease the financial burden of dental expenses. The only requirement to participate in this group dental insurance plan is membership or associate membership.



We all rely on life insurance to make sure that the hopes and dreams of our loved ones are protected. Unfortunately, nearly 30% of U.S. households have no life insurance and a far greater number do not have sufficient coverage for their needs, according to a recent study by LIMRA.

Life insurance historically can provide a variety of benefits:

  • Replace the lost income to your loved ones
  • Cover debt that continues after your passing such as a mortgage payment
  • Cover dependent children’s care and college tuition
  • Accumulate cash value to use during your lifetime to supplement savings and possibly retirement
  • Provide a tax-favored inheritance to your heirs, charity or other organization
  • Pay for estate taxes to alleviate the burden to your heirs


Over the last several years, Life Insurance has evolved to also provide “living benefits” to policy holders, allowing the insured to use some or all of the face amount for things such as:

  • A terminal illness, with death expected within a specified period
  • Help in paying for a critical or chronic illness that occur during your lifetime
  • Long Term Care Insurance needs, whether in a home or facility, that may arise later in life