HealthCare Bluebook (CoreSource Medical participants)

Your employer has given you access to a powerful cost and quality transparency tool called Healthcare Bluebook. Bluebook ranks local providers by cost and quality with an easy-to-read color system to help you get quality care without overpaying. You can even earn cash-back rewards on select procedures!

Why should I use Healthcare Bluebook?

· Save money – By comparing what local providers charge for a specific procedure, you can make sure you’re not paying more than you should.
· Get quality care – By checking the quality ranking of local providers for a specific procedure, you’ll know you’re in good hands.
· Access from anywhere – You can access Bluebook on your computer or via phone or tablet so you can shop from anywhere at any time.
· Earn cash-back – You can earn cash-back rewards on select procedures. Just go to a green cost provider to earn back some green!

For more details, please see the Healthcare Bluebook documents below.