Health Savings Accounts

Making the most of your health savings account (HSA) means finding the right balance of saving and spending that works for you and your family right now and when life changes.

Your account grows in Three Ways:

  • Contributions (Payroll deductions & direct contributions)
  • Interest and Investment Earnings
  • Tax Savings

HSA Contributions

If you would like to begin making employee contributions to your account or would like to change the amount you are currently contributing, a new Direct Deposit Form must be completed and submitted in person to Human Resources or Payroll (for HDHP insurance plan only). As you are completing the form, you will choose the “HSA pre-tax checking account” box, fill in the amount to be deducted on the “Partial Deposit” line and then sign and date the form. Remember, deductions will only be taken out of 24 pay periods for the year.

Please refer to the documents below for more information on your HSA account.