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The LifeMatters EAP is available to employees and eligible dependents.  This free and confidential service provides telephonic and in-person assessment, counseling, and resource referrals to address individual, family and relationship, workplace, and work/life issues.  LifeMatters counselors are available for incoming and/or outreach calls 24/7 every day of the year at 800-634-6433. Or, visit www.mylifematters.com

login: NSM1.

English/Spanish staff counselors available as well as Language Line translation services for more than 140 languages. TTY access also available for the hearing impaired.

NOTE: to protect confidentiality, calls from LifeMatters will appear as “Unknown” or de-identified as “262-446-5359” (a false, unlisted number).

When should I call LifeMatters?

LifeMatters counselors are truly there for every matter life may have for you. Here are some things that you will be able to address with your counselor:

    • Personal issues:
      • Stress
      • Personal crisis
      • Grief/loss
      • Sadness or depression
      • Suicidal thoughts
      • Worry or anxiety
      • Anger management
      • Mental Health issues
      • Substance use/abuse concerns
    • Relationship or family concerns:
      • Marital/significant other problems
      • Communication
      • Parent/child issues
      • Family transition (new child, school issues, “empty nest”, coping with adult children issues, coping with elderly/dependent parents)
    • Workplace concerns:
      • Personal issues affecting work
      • Difficulty staying focused or productive
      • Attendance problems
      • Frustration or anger
      • Job loss
      • Work performance problems
      • Interpersonal issues/conflicts
    • Work/life concerns:
      • Financial issues
      • Legal issues
      • Childcare and/or Eldercare
      • School searches
      • Adoption
      • Community services (i.e. meals on wheels)

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